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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Silenced by the media.

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On Yahoo7 Finance
Wednesday 15 June 2011, 19:19 EST
I tried three times to post a comment to this article, without success!
(Commonwealth Bank (CBA) says services on its internet banking site were interrupted on Wednesday with customers unable to complete bill payments, transfers and international money transfers. CBA told Fairfax Media it was working to resolve the issue and customers could use telephone banking or the bank's mobile website instead.
Fairfax said CBA customers were unable to use internet banking for most of Wednesday afternoon.
AAP sought comment from CBA.
Australia's big banks have suffered several systems outages over the last year, with National Australia Bank's customers experiencing two payments processing meltdowns since November.
In March, a fault with CBA's ATM system resulted in ATMs issuing more cash to customers than they had requested or had in their accounts.)
Some of the posts ranged from' supportive - to outright slanderous!
So why not mine?
This is what I tried to post. I have altered it a little to better express my view, but it is pretty much as I wrote it: 
Nothing that a "Resource Based Economy" wouldn't fix!...Get rid of the money, and the world will be a much better place. Do the research - Don't be Blinded and fooled by this false economy, or do you truly believe that you are living the dream?
Check out: (http://utopiaaworldwithoutmoney.blogspot
What has happened to freedom of speech?
Best of luck to us all.

AMENDMENT. I posted another statement on Yahoo7 Finance, on 03/07/2011.
15. Andrew.Gault - Jul 03 03:28pm
It's OK these people to play god with our lives, they have money and security. I think it's a bit harsh and wrong for some people to say the things they do about Koshie, because of the position he holds.Koshie your a cleaver man, why don't you look into and support a global Resource Based-Economy. (Be a Leader, Not a Follower).
This one was posted for public view along with my previously post in the article above, but was dated as 03/07/2011 instead of around the 15/06/2011, when I first tried to post it?

Well' They done it again!

Yahoo7 Finance keeps taking the comments off that try to reveal the truth about the world economy!
But they will allow Search Rich Singles????????????
Everyone needs to look at the massive movement towards a "Resource Based Economy". That is trying to free us all, from the burden of this monetary System.  A monetary system that best resembles Paid Slavery, and servience to a semi dictatorship government, that is blatantly controlled by the corporate Elite, and overseas ownership and interests. If you want a better life for you and your family, and for all Australians and the rest of the world, then visit my blog,  Don’t be blinded by this false economy! And stop being a slave to the elite rich.

I posted this to the article below.

Shares fall steeply second straight day

online business reporter Michael Janda, On Tuesday 12 July 2011, 12:33 EST

The Australian share market has fallen steeply for the second day in a row, as European debt jitters dominate global financial markets. The ASX 200 was down around 1.4 per cent just before midday, while the All Ordinaries had lost 58 points to 4,589.Unlike yesterday, where many industries directly exposed to the carbon tax had the biggest falls; today's declines are spread fairly evenly across the broader market. Only 25 companies on the ASX 200 index were making gains, with two of those surging on takeover offers.Austar's board has agreed to a $1.52 a share cash bid from Foxtel and Liberty Global, which has seen its shares rise nearly 4 per cent to $1.34.Macarthur Coal was up 37 per cent to $15.18, reflecting a $15.50 a share (minus the next dividend) bid from global mining giant Peabody. Citi analyst Craig Sainsbury says the offer will probably equal around $15.26 once the next dividend is deducted, and is unlikely to be bettered by any competitors. He says Whitehaven looks like one of the next likely takeover targets, and its shares are up 2.3 per cent to $6.24.Widespread falls Despite the takeover bright spots, the overall market sentiment is one of economic gloom as European debt concerns again ramp up only weeks after Greece narrowly averted default. Traders are now turning their attention to the bigger debt-laden states of Italy and Spain, and questioning whether austerity measures will be enough to allow them to meet their sovereign debt obligations. As has been the case throughout the European debt crisis, Australia's major banks have taken a hit on concerns their wholesale funding costs will rise, particularly if the European situation spirals out of control. National Australia Bank was down 2.6 per cent to $24.16, ANZ was off 1.9 per cent, CBA down 1.7 per cent, and Westpac had lost 1.6 per cent to $21.25.The major miners also fell steeply on concerns that a global economic slowdown may cut demand for their commodities. BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto were both down just under 2 per cent; Fortescue was down 2.3 per cent, while oil and gas producer Woodside had lost just over 1 per cent. Australia’s listed airlines continued to give up the gains they made after Singapore-owned rival Tiger was grounded. Qantas was off 3.4 per cent to $1.87, while Virgin was down 4.4 per cent to 32.5 cents. Retailers also generally struggled, with JB Hi-Fi off almost 3 per cent, and Myer and David Jones both falling 1.5 per cent. Global markets Australia's decline surpassed Wall Street's 1.2 per cent fall for the Dow Jones Industrial Average last night, but were smaller than some European declines. Australia’s slide is fairly average for the region, with Tokyo's main Nikkei index down 1.5 per cent, while Hong Kong's Hang Seng was 2.2 per cent lower. Gold was fairly steady at $US1, 553 an ounce, while West Texas crude oil was at $US95.15 a barrel. The Australian dollar was sharply lower at 105.85 US cents.

3000 Cattle may be murdered because of the lack of money.
Space Travel and Development.

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