Breaking News... Occupy Wall St. demonstration against the corporate Elite, but very little if no media coverage?? Sept. 17, 2011. Marchers leave Zucotti Park to attempt to enter blocked off Wall St. At 55 Wall St. they find the wealthy at play and a faceoff begins....The Global Monetary Economic System - is collapsing. We must act NOW to install "A Recourse Based Economy"...DON’T BE FOOLED BY –“Manufactured Consensus”, from our government’s and corporate and financial institution’s, telling you that everything will be alright....Read More to Find Out...

The New Frontier.

What would a "World Without Money" 
be like?

“Why is it that the hardest things to overcome - have the simplest solutions!”

At the beginning things here on earth would be very much the same as it is now - but different, I'll explain why...
Most people I talk to about this idea, ask the same question... If we don't have any money, how can we buy things? That's usually followed by, oh' so we go back to the barter system, or some people think that it might be gold or silver, or maybe electronic credits. Well it's none of those things!
Actually, the only form of trade that will happen in our daily lives - will be us doing "basically" what we are doing now. We would still go to work, but now it would be to produce, and service the entire world (Each other). Rather than work to accumulate wealth, or in most cases today, Just simple try and survive from day to day... "No one would be left out or neglected". If you are disabled - physically or mentally, and in the current monetary environment, are unable to work. Under a Resource Based Economy, this - for most’ would not be a problem, and would not be a strain on labour and resource's. See' without the restrictions placed on the size of a workforce, due to the presence of a Monetary Based Economy.
The workload can be broken down into shorter working hours, producing more jobs. And depending on the number of hours per shift, and assuming that, and again' - because of no monetary restrictions, most type of work that is needed, could operate 24/7. Providing enough work for everyone that can or that wants to. With this size of workforce available, it would then open up the ability to produce more. Some people are now saying that is a bad thing, and it will just pollute the earth quicker, and use up all our resources?
Well, why is it that we don’t have – Solar/Wind/Thermal or any other type of clean energy powering our – Vehicles/Homes/Industry/Power Production or anything else that uses or produces’ power?
Simply’ not enough money is made, from taking energy directly from the Sun/Wind and other clean energy sources. By pulling, Oil/Coal/Gas, and other fossil fuels, out of the Earth, and burning it (converting it into energy). It creates a huge global industry worth Trillions and employs millions and probably indirectly, billions of people globally. (Just try and stop that freight train in a hurry!)

So short story, we can use the extra very large workforce. Give them training and build enough clean energy equipment/engines/ power production/robots, and refit everything so it runs clean. That will solve the pollution and greatly reduce (the hot topic at the moment, Carbon Emissions) and repair Global warming.

Now we can focus recycling your waste "Without the restrictions of Money"

In-between all of this, we need to save the rest of the dying world, before it’s too late for the underprivileged, sick, aged and needy.

Please bear with me. I am sorry that this article is not finished, and I am working as hard as I can to get this page and the rest of the blog done as quickly as I can.
In my own defence, I had a stroke about 4yrs ago and I struggle a bit with the writing side of this blog. I’m not asking anyone to write it for me, but if you have any ideas or criticism of what I have written or the way I have worded it. Please don’t hesitate to let me know. You can leave your suggestion in a comment on this Blog, ether Facebook or Blogger. Both comment facilities are available on most if not all pages/posts.
Thanks for your support in this Momentous shift in the way we live on Planet Earth.


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