Breaking News... Occupy Wall St. demonstration against the corporate Elite, but very little if no media coverage?? Sept. 17, 2011. Marchers leave Zucotti Park to attempt to enter blocked off Wall St. At 55 Wall St. they find the wealthy at play and a faceoff begins....The Global Monetary Economic System - is collapsing. We must act NOW to install "A Recourse Based Economy"...DON’T BE FOOLED BY –“Manufactured Consensus”, from our government’s and corporate and financial institution’s, telling you that everything will be alright....Read More to Find Out...

Things we can do.

 Things we can do - To make "A Resource Based Economy" happen!

  1. One the most important things we can do, is to talk about this amazing idea to as many people as you can.
  2. Visit all the sites on this blog's Links page,  and watch as many of the videos you can. "Some videos are posted to and linked from this blog".
  3. Read articles and get involved comment discussions on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social sites.
  4. Become actively involved by attending local events.
  5. Constantly consider the workings and viability of a Resourced Based Economy in your own mind, and visualize how much better the world would be without the restrictions of a Monetary System. 
  6. We each need to start our own - for the lack of a better word, Political groups in each country of the world. And run for the control of government positions, then and take the world back from within - using their own platform of power. WE HAVE THE RIGHT AND THE ABILITY. If we all do it, it becomes safe. I'm not waiting till it’s safe, I and others like myself are starting now. Under A Resource Based Economy, we can set the world free. "SO SAY WE ALL".


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Anonymous said...

Great points!

I've recently 'awakened' and am trying to educate the people around me, even if i'm able to educate EVEN 2 people and then they both do the same this is gonna grow exponentially quickly!

The change is coming!!! :D