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Saturday, July 18, 2026


The Most 
Pivotal turning point in Human History,
Is about to Happen.
"The Death of Money"
and the birth of
"A Resource Based Economy".

(I do not benefit financially in any way or form, from any material on this blog site.)

"History is a set of lies agreed upon" - Napoleon Bonaparte
"Then we must set the Future upon TRUTH"-
So say we all.

  "To move forward, we must all rise above our own arrogance and ignorance" 
This blog is an attempt to add a small piece of a much larger puzzle,  and to be an introduction and gateway to a larger community of visionaries, that believe that the world can be a better - more productive, equal and peaceful planet for us all.

I have been telling most people that I have encounted throughout my life, that the world would be a better place without money, "and I'm sure that most people have said this as well, at one time or another in their lives"... 
As a teen I believed that I was the only one that thought this way...I was wrong!
Many others where thinking and saying the same thing, it just wasn't the right time to do anything about it...But many people now believe that the time has come, to do something about the pain and suffering of society, and stop restricting (by replacing the Monetary System with a Resource Based System) the very much needed - "Positive development of the human race".
This  "Positive development of the human race"would represent things like...No Hunger...No Famine...No War...Very little Crime...No Pollution...No Subservience...Equality for all...
And the list goes on!... In fact there are no limits, even beyond our imagination, to how much a Resource Based Economy will enrich the Human experience and our way of life...
We only have to stand up and support this idea, to make it happen!..
I pray' that this dream comes true soon, and I strongly believe that humanity is ready, through both necessity and desire for this kind of solution, as a remedy to the majority of the world’s problems today - and into the future!
Whether it be' for example - political restructuring to better guide society, or to solve and eradicate problems in public health care, aged care, education, unemployment, religious and territorial disputes...Removing this false monetary economy, is a very large step in the right direction to make this happen. 
All we have to do is work and care more about the well being of each other, and the well being of our planet, and in return everyone gets what they need and want, (within generous reason) and without the need for personal  financial wealth and negative power over others.
This worldwide change from the mainstream greed driven political and corporate monetary system, is a much better solution to the problems that hold back the human race. Than the world coming to an end, or a sound economic climate for the chosen few! This is not a "oh poor me - I have nothing and you have everything"…No! - this is sensible, and rational choices for the sustainable continuation of the human race and the world we live in.

"The offer"

"The deal"

 "The result"
The Minority.

The Majority.

Monetary deals go on all the time, and in most cases the result is the same...
A minority receives the benefit, and the majority suffer!
It is the way of the world, that the strong pick them self’s up - dust themselves down, and get on with it... Another saying is'... The strong will thrive and the weak shall perish! 
"This is a way of life that must stop."
Any Society or culture the builds it self upon the Pain and Suffering of there people, to benefit the Minority...Is doomed to failure.
We know, that this does not describe everyone on the planet, and millions of people and organizations worldwide, try the best they can to better the lives of the 'needy and suffering'. 
Unfortunately many of these attempts fall short of continuing sustainability due to the lack of Financial Support...

"So" to support the needy and the suffering, 
We have to do this!

and this,

and we get this...
So that we can feed the hungry, provide housing for the homeless, medical care for the sick, education for all, animal welfare - and everything else that effects so many people throughout the world...



While the people that can support the needy and the suffering,
Do This?
This car is plated in White Gold?

And these things.
'That they believe' - are paramount to their way of life!
"Don't get me wrong, most of us would all like to have and experience things like this, but not at the detriment of others less fortunate" 

Dubai has cost the world hundreds of billions of dollars if not Trillions and rising, and it is still underpopulated. Yet they still keep building, even though the world economic structure is collapsing, and people are dieing because of it????
This is causing rising concern over the enormous debt acquired to build it.

Really!.. Gold toilets?

The world's most expensive apartment was recently sold in this building for $57 million US!

"And they will protect what is theirs"
from people like you and me.
(Normal everyday people!)

And their all pretty happy about it too!

"But now the world is about to go through the most significant change in it's known History".
"The Death of Money" 


Maybe that's why the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard' and the rest of our world leaders are looking so worried?

"We as the dominant species on this planet -
being the guardians and protectors, for all future  generations to come"
Must realize that the "Global - Monetary Based Economy" is


So it is up to all of us to fix it!

Watch these video's to find out more!

(MUST SEE) The Free World Charter.

(MUST SEE) Peter Joseph Explains how a Resource Based Economy works.

(MUST SEE) Jacque Fresco with Narrative by Peter Joseph

(MUST SEE) Charlie Chaplin One of The Greatest Speeches Ever.

“By creating a Resource based economy, is the only way we will all be equal and live life to best of our potential. Without poverty, servience, hardship and devastation - due to the difference, in our social and economical classes”

We must embrace the idealism that “United we are Strong, but Divided we will Fall.

Greatness Comes in All Forms… The Weak and the Strong, and they have always encountered opposition from... 
“ Mediocre Minds”

Remember that the Mediocre Minds are still part of the human collective...
"That just haven’t seen the light yet"


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I would like to express my deep gratitude and thanks for everyone's comments.
Just keep in mind that this blog is not about me, but more about all of us together!... Its only by joining together, in a collective - understanding and acceptance, of this truly "Orr - inspiring" way of life called a, ( Resource Based Economy). Can we make this a reality for all life on Earth. 
Humanity will surely perish under the current Global Economic Trade, and Monetary System.