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Monday, July 25, 2011

Space Travel and Development.

How the Monetary System has affected Space Travel and Development.

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Even though we appear to have gone forward with our technology and medical research and development in leaps and bounds. This is only but an illusion, compered to how far ahead we would be without the restrictions of the monetary system. Here are some examples of how humanity moving forward, has been servilely hindered by the use of the monetary system.

  • In 40 years humans have done some significant effort, to land on and study the Moon. Within that 40year period, humans have landed and walked on the Moon 6 times, and reached lunar orbit with Apollo 8, 10 and 13. There has also been Russian, American and other - probe's, that have crashed into, orbited the Moon, soft-landed on the surface, and returned samples to the Earth. But since then that's all we have done, as far as the Moon is concerned. In 2020 NASA plans a project called "Constellation", that will return humans to the surface of the Moon. The most common reason for us returning till then, has been because of the expense involved in the lunar missions. Now imagine if money had not been an issue!...I and many others believe, that not only would we have returned, but by now there would be permanent Moon bases, as-well as mining and space vehicle production and manufacture, and lunching from the lunar surface. 


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