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Thursday, July 21, 2011

How I made my Blog.

Hi there,
Here is how I made my blog:

1) Make a new email address, Yahoo/Hotmail, or whoever you would like (Just so you can keep all your blog stuff separate from your personal email account).
  2) Go to my blog, and go to the top of the page “right hand corner” and click on “Create Blog”. That will take you to, “Create a Google Account”

  3) Create a Google Account. (If you already have a Google or other specified account, then “Sign In”).

4) Name your blog. (You can use my blog name (A World Without Money) and Logo if you like. I just ask that you keep your blog in the direction of “A Resource Based Economy”. You may also use the same format and style as my Blog, with your own content. The goal is to get the unmistakable awareness of “A World Without Money”, through the title/logo, as well as the content. Do not make money from the blog.
   Name the URL address whatever you like, or if you go with “A World Without Money”, then use “aworldwithoutmoney1”. If 1 is not available then try 2, and just keep going up till you get a number that is available. Then type in the Word Verification correctly, then click continue.

5) Choose a starter template; I used the Picture window as a base template, and then a new page will load, and then click “Start Blogging”. I will find out how to save my blog template for use by others and post that information.

7) The page you see now is where you make our first post and subsequent new post. You can ether start writing your first page, or you can go to the “Design tab” (Fourth tab to the right of the “Post tab”). 

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