Breaking News... Occupy Wall St. demonstration against the corporate Elite, but very little if no media coverage?? Sept. 17, 2011. Marchers leave Zucotti Park to attempt to enter blocked off Wall St. At 55 Wall St. they find the wealthy at play and a faceoff begins....The Global Monetary Economic System - is collapsing. We must act NOW to install "A Recourse Based Economy"...DON’T BE FOOLED BY –“Manufactured Consensus”, from our government’s and corporate and financial institution’s, telling you that everything will be alright....Read More to Find Out...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

About Me.

Welcome to you all.

Hi there, my name is Andrew Gault, and I'll start by saying welcome to my blog - and congratulations for having a curious enough mind, to be visiting this blog in the first place. I hope the information in this blog acts as a stepping stone, and leads you to a greater understanding and acceptance of a Resource Based Economy.  If this blog seems to have some incorrect grammar and comprehension, I do apologize- I had a stroke about four and a half years ago. I would also like to say that, after a life time of doing things the wrong way. I have learnt, and now believe. That honesty must be the best policy, and that hiding behind a lie and misinformation, is what got the world into the mess, it’s in today!

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