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Monday, August 1, 2011

Comments made by Others and Myself - on Facebook.

All you people on Facebook make so much more sense to me, than the meeting I went to tonight. You more open - you have great Ideas and direction that just seems to grow and get wiser as time goes on. You have all inspired me to be stronger in my convictions and direction, in fighting for the creation of A Recourse based Economy. Thank you everyone, and together under the Idea of freedom from the monetary system, we can find the solution and win.

Went to the meeting at PAWS hmm strange! The young lady and young man were great to talk to, then two suits walked in and split the small group in two. One of the suits was on me and the other on the lady and young man. It seemed that the one who was talking to me was only interested in; well I’m not too sure. He was trying to tell me that in the eyes of the law, I am not a Person, but that I was a corporation? No’ not what I do, but what I am as a being - from birth??? And that this is how the government controls me???? And they had no idea about very large following of A Resource Based Economy, on Facebook...No plans or strategies were discussed, I had to pry any small amount information out of him. It felt like a cult, men in Black. Sorry guys I will not be supporting this “group without Direction”. Like I have said before, we must keep this simple and not try to over complicate something that by design is simplistic. We need to distribute the world’s resources on a need and supply basis only - (No Monetary trade and control over who gets, and who does not). People will work in a resource economy that allows us to work to provide for everyone else - who is working to provide for everyone else, See how that works…

Wednesday at 8:21pm ·Andrew Gault Even when they try and deface the movement the need for change, shines through in the end. This change by the way, is not the Zeitgeist movement or the Venus Project - or any other movement. It is the Global idea and desire of billions of people throughout the world that humanity would be better off without money.
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Tommy Payne U like the Mandelbrot set too i see :)
2 hours ago

Andrew Gault:  Hi Tommy, Yes you could look at it that way - but most people would'nt. The conection between everything is so simplistic, that it is mostly over looked. As is the fundimentals of A Resource Based Economy, and the solution that it brings.
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My response to a Facebook member.

by Andrew Gault on Monday, August 1, 2011 at 8:33pm
This is my response to a Facebook members question to me, as to why I invited her to be a friend!
And I felt that it would be of interest to others.
I have added and made small changes to my response, to better convey some of my views on the subject of “A Resource Based Economy”.
I must also say that Facebook in my opinion’ by its very nature - is to promote and encourage “Digital Social Contact with Others”. It leaves the decision to make contact and continue or discontinue contact, up to the individual Facebook members. (That is my opinion, and may or may not be the intension of Facebook)
Sorry to say to you that I am not a religious man, and I don’t believe that weather or not I follow a god, defines me as a good or a bad human being. I am a fighter for the freedom of the human race from Tyranny and Subservience, due to a failed and collapsing Monetary System, and my goal is to find a way to introduce a Resource based Economy to others, and help make the world a better place to live in - for all of us…
I have added this, Just to make clear my definitions of (Tyranny and Subservience).
(The definitions explain themselves well enough!)
(Too eager to obey) - Too submissive, or eager to follow the wishes or orders of others. To me this describes people working 8 to 16 hour days so that they can meet their financial needs and responsibility’s. This’ in most cases is not sufficient enough to meet our needs or responsibility’s! So businesses fail, families lose their homes, lives are lost and country’s go to war… While the minority wealthy, benefit from the labour and hardship of the majority.
All over the world People are dying and suffering in horrific ways, that are difficult to describe or imagine - due to the greedy, power hungry - and in the terms of religion – “Evil”, financial dictators of the world. The motivation of a Resource Based Economy - is in no way directly - connected to, or attempts to effect or change religion… It’s’ about the people of the world living together in peace and in harmony, and advancing forward as a Species, without all the destructive affect that the “MONETARY SYSTEM”. (This is based on the belief that there are enough resources and enough technological advancement to, more than meet the Need/Produce and Supply demands of all good and services, to the entire planet and its entire population).
The intended effect of a Resource Based Economy on world includes; advancing in all aspects of life - like Science and Technology/Environment/ (Not Against) Religion/and any other believe/Learning or social systems - in a supportive and empathetic direction that directly causes and enhances the Human Experience - in a positive way. I do not advocate against any religion, unless its intent is to harm, and forces violent control over people and - or “negatively” affects social manipulation towards a society/culture or humanity as a whole. My intention is to be open and caring in a positive way - and hope that we can stay Facebook friends. If you don’t agree with me, or for any reason you do not want to be friends, then just unfriend me or ask me to do so, ether way I wish you happiness.

My Comment to FaceBook

By Andrew Gault
Facebook Please stay with us. Help us and work with us. You will go down In History, as one of the most important contributors in saving the World, and Humanity will never forget you. That’s something money can’t buy!

I Know GOD! God is the wonderment of the know Universes, the before – the now - and what is to come. Praise the beauty and Amaze

by Andrew Gault on Saturday, July 23, 2011 at 3:30pm
I Know GOD! God is the wonderment of the know Universes, the before – the now - and what is to come. Praise the beauty and Amazement of the Creation of the Universes itself.
And don’t worry, all you good well intending people out there - that don’t believe in god. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO, WHAT THEY CALL HELL. If there is an almighty God out there! By his own definition - of being an all Powerful and Merciful God - being. He will not condemn you to burn in eternal damnation, just because you don’t worship him through fear of damnation of your eternal soul.
For myself, I hope that we can all - one day learn to live in peace and harmony without, tyranny and fear.

From  David Williams; Really? Why do you lie to people telling them they don't have to believe in God to have eternal life? Haven't you read the bible? How do you reconcile the following scripture with the lie you're trying to tell people?
Romans 10:9 That if you confess with your mouth, “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.
This is in response.
By me Andrew Gault.
If you close your eyes while driving and unintentionally drive into head on traffic, this is "Blind Faith". Religious people are constantly posting” HALLELUJAH - Praise the Lord”, but with no regard or acknowledgement to current day events, and humanitarian crises that are happening every day throughout the world… It seems that most of you are more concerned with saving your own immortal souls, than you are on saving the living? You take the Bible as being something that is literal in its content. When in fact, it is more like metaphors or colourful stories, about assumptions on what may have happened - in the history of the Earth and the creation of the Universe. I don’t lie to people - you do! And people with your belief in the Bible – have been lying to themselves and to others for centuries. I do believe that certain events in the Bible are true, like a man called Jesus did live in those times - and he was an amazing man with some radical views on life, and that he was killed because of the views. But as we used to believe that the Earth was flat, now we know different through investigation/knowledge and understanding, that the Earth is Spherical and that we are not the centre of the universe. This is a wakeup call, to take our heads out of the sand and help fix humanity, so we can all pursue our belief systems in peace. I welcome you to participate in this fight for freedom from Tyranny, and hope that we can become friends, but something tells me from past experience that you and your kind will look at me as being the Heretic and Unbeliever. And that my immortal soul is dammed to burn in agonizing pain, in the fiery depths of HELL for all eternity. Well if that is true, then I fully understand that your belief is just another form of conditional Tyranny, and is another attempt by a group to control the masses. Whatever the outcome, I wish you happiness and productive and positive life. 

Why must our governments drag all of us down with the sinking ship? We have the solution but still they refuse to implement it. 
“The Countdown has Begun” Humanity is about to Change for the Better! A Resource Based Economy is almost here.


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